The Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Gigantic bean bags are the best thing I’ve ever seen. Have you ever come home to a large microsuede bag of fluff that invites you to jump into its’ billowy greatness? Well, you can if you get yourself one of these.

These bean bags are fantastic. Let me tell you why.

For one thing, the cover can be taken off completely and washed in a washing machine. This is really good because if you spill anything on it, get crumbs on it, or anything else, all you have to do is take it off and wash it.

If you are getting the 8 ft model, though, the cover may be too big to wash in your washing machine at home. So, what do you do? Don’t worry. If you take the cover down to your local dry cleaner or laundromat, they have the big industrial sized washing machines there. You can just take it there and use their washing machines for just a few dollars. No big deal.

Another thing you may be wondering, though, is: If I take the cover off, won’t all the beans spill out?

Actually, there are two answers to that.

First, these gigantic bean bags aren’t filled with beans. They are filled with furniture grade foam. The foam is polyurethane and is made from recycled material. So, no, there aren’t a million beads that are going to spill out everywhere because this bean bag is filled with high quality foam. It is eco friendly, recycled, and honestly a heck of a lot more comfortable and plastic beans.

Second, the foam isn’t just sitting in the cover by itself. With this one:, the foam is held together inside the cover in a 100% cotton liner. This liner is basically the same size and shape of the giant bean bag and its sole purpose it to hold the foam together while you take the cover off and wash it. It’s essentially just a white cotton sack with a zipper on it to hold the foam.

Another neat feature on these bean bags is the 3 holes that allow air to escape when you press down on the bean bag. You’ve probably seen videos on youtube where someone jumps on a bean bag and it pops, with beans flying everywhere. Well, this won’t happen with gigantic bean bags because, first it’s foam and not beans. Second, the 3 holes allow the air to escape out of them instead of rupturing the bean bag.

See, the bean bag is full of air. If you jump on it, the air has to escape. It can either escape out the 3 holes, or if there are none then it will just likely bust out through the seams or rip open the zipper.

By giving the air a chance to escape, this bean bag will last much longer. I really like this feature of the design. It shows they put a lot of thought into it.

The material of the bean bag is really strong, too. It’s not some cheap wimpy material. It’s strong microfiber that’s double stitched at the seams. That means that it will last you a very long time.

How do you get this giant thing into your house in the first place? Will it fit through your door?

Not to worry, they thought of everything. The foam comes compressed into a cube that will fit through any door. It’s sealed with a vacuum, like shrink wrap. You’ve seen those plastic things where you can shrink wrap your clothes so you can fit more into your luggage, right? It’s basically a vacuum that you attach to an air tight plastic bag and you suck out all the air, making it much smaller.  See more of these:

They vacuum seal the foam into a little cube that’s about a cubic foot by removing all the air in the same way. All that foam fits into a surprisingly small box when you remove all the air. It’s pretty cool. So, you get this cube of foam in the mail and you open it up and stuff it into your bean bag’s liner. Over the next day or so, the foam will expand as it’s re-exposed to the air.

gray bean bag with person on it

You can understand now, how this bean bag will fit into any room. You may not be able to get it back out, though! So plan accordingly. I guess in a worst case scenario, you could put some of that foam in a other box or something until the bean bag can be pushed through the doorway. But, I think even the 8 foot bean bags can fit through any door if you stand it up on its side. It would be difficult, but not impossible.

I hope this review of the gigantic bean bags has been helpful. Check them out here at Gigantic Bean Bags – View All Sizes to see what they have. Leave me any questions or comments you have below.