The Cup

So… the cup. What is it? Where can I absorb some of this cup? Does the cup fill me, or do I fill it?

These are all valid questions, uUnless you don’t care about the answers. All questions are valid to someone. But we are here to talk about Canada’s Cup.

Canada has many cups. I’m sure most people have several cups in their homes. Restaurants certainly have them too. Pretty much anywhere people are going to be drinking something, you can bet you’ll find a cup.

A great thing to do is to drink out of your canadian cup while sitting on a bean bag. Bean bags are excellent for relaxing on. If you can’t relax on one of these, there is likely no hope for you. These gigantic bean bags are like sitting on a cloud of air while creatures of an unknown species softly inflate it with their melodic whispers. It’s that comfortable. It’s also very big.

A bean bag that you can’t stretch out on is not your friend. It is your enemy and must be destroyed in order to make way for your newer, much bigger bean bag. Get a giant bean bag this time. You can’t be tearing your furniture apart and throwing it out every day. The neighbors are growing concerned about the pile of ripped home goods in front of your house.